We wanted our product to solve problems most website owners face when starting out

  1. A great user experience – Our themes are user friendly and easy to use. They will definitely give you a great User Experience.
  2. Dedicated, knowledgeable support – Questions come up, it’s perfectly normal, and unlike other companies, we don’t keep you waiting for a reply and we treat you like a customer, not an inconvenience.
  3. Lightning fast load times – You’ve probably notice. Attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. Users will love your website.

How our product solve these problems?

  1. Compatibility – We’ve designed our code to respect your server’s resources.
  2. Optimum Performance – All of our themes are optimized for performance, following best practices.
  3. Improved Productivity – We’ve eliminated unnecessary features that get in your way. Very lightweight theme.
  4. Clean Code – We focus on clean front end code that is user-friendly and search engine friendly.

Speed is our main motive of a website. Why we achieve?

  1. Unique Designs – Many blogs look similar because they use the same theme – or popular CSS framework but you need a design that strengthens your brand, not a generic website. Hence we came in.
  2. SEO Friendly Code – Organic traffic is that the lifeblood of a busy web site. Poorly optimized code will stop your web site from achieving the rankings it deserves. that is why we tend to perpetually guarantee our themes and plugins square measure 100% optimized for SEO.
  3. Blazing Fast Speed – Page speed may be a major consider user expertise. Google uses it as a top quality metric. Poorly designed WordPress themes and plugins will seriously impact page loading speed. that is why we tend to create performance a high priority.